by Brett Farkas

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All proceeds will be donated to the Fruits of Labor Food Bank, benefitting migrant farm workers and their families who've continuously provided fresh produce to the country during hazardous Pandemic times.

Cave was composed between April and July 2020, in the midst of a year for many words and during unprecedented times to which no vocabulary could begin to describe. This piece's theme became a prayerful, melodic representation of the past year to me in isolation, to which great gratitude and new learnings have come of the certain quiet and personal introspection. This is one of my more deliberate pieces of music that I've created and I am very proud to share it as a new contribution.

Throughout Cave, I enjoyed the play between the minor and Major resolves, finding a cliche´ but fitting parallel to the instability of the world; the stark duality between hope and despair, good and evil, or forwards and back. That line can seem so plainly observable, yet, simultaneously obscured by one's own perspective, context or experience. Who's even to say which feeling is appropriate of a minor or Major harmony? We're somewhat conditioned to associate Major as "happy" and minor as "sad", or that Major represents "good", and minor suggests "bad". Perhaps that's not the case at all...maybe it's entirely the opposite and we've just been made to believe in another abstract fallacy, instilled by generations of one-sided story tellers that had the fortunate position to write the theory books? Certainly, a minor chord is just as beautiful and nobel as the more socially normalized or obvious, Major flavor. One's own perspective can change anything and everything.

The piece deliberately closes modestly and unresolved, leaving an open question for what is yet to come.


Cave is a dedication:

To my parents, Jim and Nancy Farkas, who have been a constant, loving support in my life and who have nurtured my creative knack and endeavors from the very start. I will never take for granted.

To my exceptional friends, peers, and colleagues, near and far, old and new. I feel extremely fortunate to have such a vast support system of truly inspiring people in my life who continuously have my back and who constantly turn me on to new things and push me to higher levels. I am grateful to have experienced such sincere life and laughs together over the years.

To my teachers, of whom have so articulately and openly shared their traditions, craft and minds with me. Their influence and presence that is now embedded in my DNA compels me to Be with the highest integrity that I am possibly inclined to.

To Beatrice, my brightest star and the funkiest friend that I could ever know.


Further Thoughts...

There is ONE thing for certain: HUMANITY is not a political issue. We should be moving forward together in cooperation, not in further opposition and competition.

It is unacceptable to continue to ignore the centuries of injustices that have been inflicted upon our fellow HUMANS for the color of their skin. It is impermissible to continue to perpetuate and allow White Supremacy, while not creating means of true and fair equity within our systems of LIVING together. Humanity is not a Politic.

It is equally intolerable to deny that we are in the midst of a severe CLIMATE CRISIS with very little time to act. We will not survive what it is that our leaders are holding onto unless we act NOW and press for massive reform within our societies.

What a shame it would be to lose the extraordinary gift and PRIVILEGE of LIFE that we've all been given, after all the billions of years of chance selection that have manifested...After how far we've now miraculously come and after all that has been accomplished, created, innovated, learned, loved and shared.

If we could understand that being here on EARTH is an incredibly short, unique, tiny miracle happening in one specific, beautiful place within an infinite and unknown Universe, we will also understand just how precious it is to BREATH, and to THINK, and to LOVE, or to CREATE with our own unique EMOTIONS, coexisting with all the other LIFE here. When this humbling rationalization is truly understood, how could we take LIFE for granted any longer by waging wars or oppressing and exploiting certain races of people, or by chasing our petty greed and ignorantly causing catastrophic damage to the environment?

HUMANITY is not a political issue.


released April 2, 2021
Composed, Played and Painted by Brett Farkas

A Very special thanks to my great friend, Ben Tolliday for kindly offering his Cave (studio) to me so that I could I could get out of my own Cave for a night to record.


all rights reserved



Brett Farkas Los Angeles, California

Solo Artist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Frontman of Boys School

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